Karissa Peterson's family cookie recipe is where The Fix started. She comes from a small-town in southern Utah and has over 70 cousins.  The cookie recipe was passed from generation to generation.  Karissa made a few tweaks and has absolutely perfected the cookie recipe! When she's not working, she's spending time with her family which includes 4 kids all within 4 years of each other and tending to her garden and farm animals.

Karissa started the very first Fix in Draper, Utah inside one of her Chevron gas stations. With its huge success, she launched a second location in Boise, Idaho with a partner, Kirsten Arnold. Kirsten is originally from South Africa but has lived in Idaho for most of her life. She has two children and just welcomed her first Grandson. Kirsten enjoys baking and is well known from her friends and family for her amazing desserts.

When other gas stations starting hearing about the cookie, Karissa decided to start a distribution company for the cookies. With the help of her partner Drew Simonsen, The Fix cookies are now in over 70 gas stations throughout Northern Utah.